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Describe your idea and let the community decide how much potential it has to positively impact our lives. The more support your idea gathers, the more money you earn and the more popular your idea becomes. Popular ideas receive more visibility, giving them more chances to be turned into a reality.
Bring creativity into your life
Browse and discover ideas that can be useful to you, in your job, your side projects, your leisure activities or your daily life, no cost attached. Ideas can take many forms: art pieces, scientific hypotheses, social initiatives, business ventures, DIY projects, gift ideas, life hacks, just to name of few.
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Support ideas that can make a difference. Innovation is an essential part of making the world a better place and impactful innovation cannot happen without solid ideas to stand on. Make small monetary donations and participate in pushing ideas you love to the front scene. Early supporters get rewarded.
IdeaSeeds is a community
Ideas are developed collaboratively

It all begins with a seed, which is a description of an initial idea written by an individual user. From there, other users can step in and write contributions, which build on top of that initial idea. Contributions need to be relevant and should bring additional ideas to the table. They typically either push the idea further by adding material or address some of its shortcomings.

Ideas are discussed by the community

Any user can comment on a seed, a contribution or another comment. This creates a forum for each idea to be debated. Through constructive discussions based on knowledge and open-mindedness, an idea's strengths and weaknesses can be brought to light. These conversations offer stable ground for assessing the value of the idea as well as for exposing contribution opportunities.

Ideas receive support from users

Users have the opportunity to support seeds or contributions by making small monetary donations. Supporting an idea rewards its author for sharing his insights publicly. It shows gratitude for ideas that can be integrated directly into one's life or it shows a desire to see this idea implemented by someone else. Users can only support ideas once so that supports number is representative of what people want.

Money distribution model
Distribution among supporters

Early supporters are rewarded for having substantially participated in increasing an idea's popularity. A seed's visibility, i.e. its likelihood of being prioritized in people's feed, is directly dependent on its supports number. Early support significantly influences the chances of a seed being seen by users.

When supporting a seed or a contribution, the expense corresponds to 1 token. Half of it goes directly to the author and the other half is distributed among the supporters. When a supporter ranks in the top 50%, he starts getting a positive return. When he ranks in the top 25%, the return starts exceeding the initial 1 token invested. This return keeps increasing up to 2 tokens, thereby doubling the initial investment.

The Philosophy

Today, most of our environment, most of the things we see, we touch, we use, are human inventions. They are the product of a series of ideas turned concrete as a result of assiduous work, domain expertise and adequate technology. The general trend in modern society has been to encourage the development of the latter, pushing people towards specialization and hard work while relying heavily on technology. Although ideas play a key part in innovation, the way they are cultivated, on the other hand, hasn't evolved much throughout human history.

Every human being has a capacity for creativity. We all have ideas popping up into our heads from time to time. Even though we might consider them good ideas, only occasionally do we share them with others and very rarely do we attempt to realize them. There are many reasons for not taking the leap. First, we might have doubts that the idea is actually good. Second, even if the idea is good, we might lack the technical skills or the knowledge. Third, even if the idea is good and we have the right abilities, we might not want to spend the time and energy. Finally, even if all the above is true, we might not want to take the risk of investing so much in that idea. This is a pity because, at the end of the day, truly great ideas are lost.

IdeaSeeds proposes a solution to this problem by providing a platform where ideas can be shared and their creators rewarded. Important aspects of IdeaSeeds are its comment and support system. They have the crucial functions of determining whether an idea is sound and furthermore if there is a demand for its realization. Well-supported ideas receive high visibility which serves the purpose of making great ideas stand out. This creates a freely available library of validated ideas waiting to be turned into real projects.


While, at this point, the money from supporters is all an author is guaranteed to get, there is prospect for much higher gains. Having spent so much time thinking about an idea, authors will inevitably have additional insights that can prove invaluable to someone aiming to implement their idea. That unique expertise is worth something and its value should be negociated, for example in the form of a participation in the idea's implementation.

Currently, seeds and collaborations have no legal value (in the context of intellectual property rights).
We are looking into it.

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